ROADM Modules
ROADM Modules

TrueFlex Twin Multi-Cast Switch (MCS)

The TrueFlex® Twin Multi-Cast Switch (MCS) lets providers introduce contentionless wavelength add/drop at agile optical network nodes to minimize provisioning constraints that can result increase predeployment costs and slow down time to service. Employing the industry-proven Lumentum planar lightwave circuit (PLC) technology, the Twin MCS supports a fully flexible modulation format range and wavelength spacing to enable next-generation capacity growth for 100 G, superchannels, and beyond.

The Twin MCS integrates multiple discrete high-performance switching elements into a single compact package and control interface. Software control allows the MxN system to dynamically route any wavelengths that use coherent receiver technology from a particular line-side “M” direction in the node to any “N” ports on the termination side. Termination ports are colorless in both the drop and add directions, simplifying cabling and avoiding the need for manual reconfiguration. If the same wavelength is present on multiple line-side links, each direction can terminate the same wavelength to allow maximum network flexibility for wavelength re-use, including protection and restoration strategies. Various options are available including 4x4, 4x16, and 8x16.

TrueFlex capability means that the Twin MCS dynamically scales to support higher transmission rates using a gridless spectrum and accommodates arbitrary modulation formats used for individual or superchannels. High isolation performance between ports ensures maximum optical data integrity though multiple nodes, compared to simple power combiners.

The Twin MCS complements other products in the TrueFlex portfolio to enable agile optical networks with a combination of colorless, directionless, and contentionless (CD/CDC) node attributes that drive flexibility and scalability, while minimizing network providers’ capital and operational costs.