Mux/Demux and UMUX
Mux/Demux and UMUX

WaveReady CWDM DWDM UMUX, Dual 1310/1550, LGX, Dual Line


The WaveReady­® Dual 1310/1550 Universal Multiplexer (UMUX) bridges the gap between legacy systems and new revenue-generating services by allowing 1550 nm, coarse wavelength division multiplexer (CWDM), or dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) optical channels to be carried over the same fiber as legacy 1310 nm traffic without disruption. With ultra-wide passband and high isolation on all paths, the Waveready Dual 1310/1550 UMUX is a universal solution for a wide variety of fiber sparing and signal overlay applications.

The WaveReady Dual 1310/1550 UMUX can be installed without tools and within minutes into any LGX-compatible shelf or fiber distribution panel.

The WaveReady Dual 1310/1550 UMUX is Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)-compliant and designed to operate reliably and maintenance free in either central office or uncontrolled remote terminal environments.With millions of field operating hours, industry-leading Lumentum optical multiplexing technology offers unparalleled reliability.