Mux/Demux and UMUX
Mux/Demux and UMUX

WaveReady CWDM OADM, Single-Channel OSP Splice Tray Cassette


WaveReady® coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) outside plant (OSP) optical add/drop module (OADM) splice packs are part of a family of flexible, low-cost solutions that expand the capacity of existing fiber.

Through the use of CWDM technology, individual channels can be optically added or dropped from a fiber pair while allowing pass-through traffic to continue through the bus or ring.

CWDM OADM bidirectional splice packs provide both east and west add/drop functionality and are readily deployed in existing outside plant splice enclosures in combination with WaveReady CWDM multiplexing/demultiplexing products at the headend. They provide ample room for fiber management and splice holders.

CWDM OADM bidirectional splice packs interoperate with the WaveReady transponders and optical regenerator solutions as well as widely used ITU G.694.2-compliant small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers and transponder cards.

With countless hours of continual field operation, industry-leading Lumentum optical multiplexing technology offers unparalleled reliability and leading-edge performance.