WaveReady DWDM Interleaved Solution, 50 GHz, 88-Channel


The WaveReady® 50 GHz 88-Channel Interleaved Solution enables a complete 88-channel DWDM solution, supporting 50GHz channel spacing, compatible with any data rate up to 40 G per channel. It consists of 50/100 GHz Dual Optical Frequency Interleaver (OFI) Module and 44-channel passive Multiplexer/Demultiplexers.

The OFI demuxes a common 50 GHz 88-channel stream into two 100 GHz 44-channel streams offset by 50 GHz. It can also multiplex two channel streams onto a single fiber. A completely passive architecture, an athermal design facilitates rapid deployment with enhanced predicted stability and improved reliability. The module requires no power or external cooling requirements, thereby reducing operational cost. Deployed in conjunction with the industry proven WaveReady 44-channel passive Multiplexer/Demultiplexers (MDX-44MD1F1CB and MDX-44MD1N1CB), the WaveReady solution enables a complete 88-channel DWDM solution