WaveReady Amplifiers and Line Amplifiers
WaveReady Amplifiers and Line Amplifiers

WaveReady Optical Amplifier WRA-1xx, EDFA, Single-Channel

WRA-110, WRA-113, WRA-116, WRA-119

The WaveReady® WRA-1xx series are user-configurable, single-channel optical amplifiers that provide simple and economical C-band optical amplification for single-channel applications in a flexible, ready-to-use package. These erbiumdoped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) are network-ready and easily configured as a booster or as a pre/inline amplifier.

The modules work by default in constant signal-gain mode, but they can be configured to constant total output-power mode. Its ease-of-use and performance make the WRA-1xx series the ideal solution for access and metro optical networks.

Front-panel light emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate module status, while integrated electronics provide alarm and control functionality.

Deployed with a WaveReady system controller (COM-300), these units can be managed and configured remotely through TL1, SNMP, or by using the WaveReady Multi-Node Manager. Local and remote management is performed through a serial Ethernet port on the system controller.

The module can be installed in a WaveReady 3500F or 3100 shelf mounted in 19- or 23-inch telecommunications racks.