Fiber Monitoring and Protection
Fiber Monitoring and Protection

WaveReady Path and Equipment Protection Switch


Lumentum’s path and equipment protection switch family provides the broadest portfolio of ROADM solutions designed to match the requirements of major market segments. They are the building blocks of optical networks and provide the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any or all wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service, simplifying the network and streamlining planning and management. This results in significant Opex and Capex reductions and faster time to revenue. In addition, they enable the cost effective creation and deployment of more complex network architectures.

The Lumentum WaveReady® 3000 series LPR-530DWC1SA path and equipment protection module is a rugged, plug-and-play, bi-directional protection switch for single mode fiber (SMF). It can be used for both equipment or fiber protection. A typical application would be the protection of multi-channel links on SMF.

The LPR-530DWC1SA continuously monitors optical power on both its primary and secondary links. If optical power on the primary link drops below a certain threshold, the module switches traffic to the secondary link in less than 15 ms.

Two switching schemes are available. Manual operation allows for on-site or remote switching from one link to the other. Automatic operation in window switching mode allows users to control both the lower and upper level switch activation points. An automatic switch-back feature resets the module to its original configuration when the primary link power levels return to normal.

LPR-530DWC1SA features are highly configurable to fit most any network application. Remote configuration, using TL1 commands, is available through a WaveReady Communications Module and Ethernet interface on the WaveReady chassis. Local configuration is available through an RS-232 craft interface on a WaveReady Communications Module.