WaveReady Transponder, Dual Any-Rate


WaveReady Transponder, Dual Any-Rate

The WRT-780+’s low latency, high flexibility, and density make the WRT-780+ the ideal transport solution for access and metro wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks, including cloud RAN and data center interconnect.

It has two independent transponders that can transport traffic operating independently at different rates. Its flexible SFP or SFP+ interfaces support a variety of transceivers on both client and line interfaces.

Automatic Rate Detection

The WRT-780+ automatically detects incoming data rates eliminating the need for end-user provisioning. It supports 3R operation (reshape, retime, and regenerate) at all supported rates between 125 Mbps and 11.1 Gbps.

Simple and Easy to Manage

The WRT-780+ can be managed using TL-1, simple network management protocol (SNMP), or the WaveReady® Node Manager graphical user interface. The dual-transponder also supports manual data-rate provisioning, diagnostic loopback for testing, optical power monitoring, and other features. These functions facilitate fault location and correction and simplify operations required by service management and service level agreements.

WRT-780+ transponders add near-zero transmission latency and timing jitter, making them suitable for aggregation and regeneration of CPRI, OBSAI, and Fibre Channel data. Software-settable bit rate and DWDM wavelength-tuning supports current and future transport requirements with a common hardware to minimize planning and inventory management overheads.